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 Who Are We?  

A Group of people concerned with prostate cancer issues who meet at the PCFA Office South Terrace to plan services for people with prostate cancer.

A Mission to offer an educational and informative environment in collaboration with others for the improved wellbeing of men with prostate cancer.


Brief History

Prostate Cancer Action Group S.A. Inc  -
The Group was formed in 1997 with activities centred on a series of information sessions to increase community awareness of prostate cancer and the availability of support groups and resources. Initially these sessions involved education programs in the Metropolitan area plus regular speaking engagements to community based groups and medical meetings.
From 2001 our Group, with the assistance of medical and allied health professionals, has been conducting presentations mainly in key rural areas. The aim of these meetings is to provide information about the disease and its treatments and reassure men and their families that support is available

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 Group Objectives:

The objectives of the Group:

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  Our Target Audiences: The targeted audience is middle-aged men and their partners.



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Disclaimer Clause - This Group, either as a Group or individually, does not treat or prescribe for any human disease, and is not a provider of professional advice. Nor does it purport to act as a provider of any professional advice. If any man has concerns about his prostate health, he should consult a health professional. The Group acts as a means of creating an awareness of prostate health, and encourages men to take a more proactive interest in their overall health situation, by promoting stimulation for independent thought and analysis.

The group does not recommend any particular treatment or product, and stresses that it is important that any person should consult his/her health professional before making any decision about any treatments.

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