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Brought to you by the Office for Volunteers, UniSA and South Australian community groups

What is SOCE?

The Sustainable Online Community Engagement Project (SOCE) is a joint venture between The University of South Australia and the South Australian Government, through the Department for Human Services

The project has been running since late 2001 as Community Webs and provides community organisations, which may have neither the skills nor resources, with a web presence, or other communication product, by matching them with students who have the necessary skills and access to resources. Students communicate with community group members primarily through email to produce the work for the group. Web sites can be which can be given to the group to host elsewhere or hosted on

In 2006 this expanded to become Sustainable Online Community Engagement and include a wider range of activities and products, such as television production and other multimedia projects. An important aim in this is that community groups develop the skills to maintain and update their new product.

Why get involved?

All students in the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages are expected to demonstrate their skills and abilities as professionals in order to graduate successfully. Some of the project based courses such as Com 3063 require you to develop a project for a client. There are many not for profit and community organisations that require products like websites, videos or  assistance with design and editing of print and online documents, as well as journalism and professional writing. You can elect to work on one of the projects listed at Projects Available. The benefits of completing a project include:

  • developing a working product for your portfolio
  • increasing potential employment contacts
  • developing and practising communication skills required in working with a real client
  • satisfaction knowing that your work is benefitting others

How to get involved and what is expected

You might already be directed to select a project from the projects available via SOCE and be asked to put in an application to the lecturer. If you are doing a course which requires that you complete a project discuss your options with your lecturer/tutor  Show them the project options you are interested in and cc your communications to Alice Dodd who co-ordinates the SOCE projects to ensure that the project you want is still available. Your course information will have the specific expectations and requirements you need to fulfil.

Once you commence working with a client, ensure that you communicate regularly with them, even if it simply to let them know that progress is being made and they can expect further contact at a certain date. If you have any problems contacting your client, contact Alice Dodd.