Latest sightings

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Synemon theresa (Cryptic Sun-moth) mating, a new record photographed in WCR by P.Bird on 22 Nov 2019.

Pterostylis pedunculata, new reserve record – rosettes discovered on Pultenaea Hill by P.Bird in 2018 and confirmed by this single flower on 2 Sep 2019.

Delma molleri, Adelaide Snake-lizard, near Springfield Gate, 7 Aug 2019

Quinetia urvillei, new reserve record – a small annual daisy discovered on Quartz Hill by P.Bird on 22 Sep 2018, but only identified on 27 July 2019.





Quinetia urvillei, this image gives a better indication of its small size!

Diuris palustris, discovered on 1 Sep 2018. A new record for the reserve, and a species not commonly recorded in this district.

Eryngium ovinum (Blue Devil) -flowers in summer when many other plants are dormant.