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It's a sad state of affairs when our beautiful conservation parks are damaged by thoughtless 4WD owners.

Cox Scrub and the other conservation parks under our care are not abandoned, unused parcels of land. Throughout the year these parks are used by hundreds of people who simply want to enjoy the natural environment for activities such as bush walking, birdwatching and photography. Many families come to the park to enjoy the peace and quiet that the park brings. Within the Conservation Park, monitoring and scientific projects are carried out by universities. We have hosted national visitors who come to the park to see australian native plants growing in the wild.
The parks are supported by an enthusiastic Friends group who feel bullied and disrepected by 4WD owners who rip out posts, cut down trees, and steal padlocks. They think they go unnoticed, but they don't.
Surely it is time for the 4WD owners to take a step back and ask the question,

How can we enjoy our sport without breaking the law and causing so much damage to a Conservation Park which is loved by so many?


Contact Details:

President: Eric Grant
0438 987 172

Secretary: Priscilla Argent
0439 342 468







grass tree
grass tree