Guided Tours

Tour groups are guided around the fort by association members and are given an inside look into Colonial defence, what life was like on the fort during its operation and a detailed overview of the historical and strategic significance of the site. The full tour of the fort takes approximately an hour and a half; shorter/longer tours are available to booked groups via arrangement.

Tours at the fort are available all year round from 10am - 12pm every Tuesday (please contact John Osmon on 0409 350 073 prior to attending to confirm arrangements). A tea and biscuits break is also available to tour groups; however this must be booked in advance. Prices are as follows;

Standard tour $7 per person

Group tour with tea and biscuits break (only available via booking) $8. 50 per person

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Open Days

The fort is also open to the public every thrid Sunday of the month from September to May. No booking is necessary, however no tours are run on these days. During these open days Fort Glanville Historical Association members provide a unique living history through uniformed renactments of military activities, including cannon and carbine firing drills.

Find out more about these open days here.