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Much of the information on this website is based on information gathered by members of the Friends of Cape Gantheaume over time when talking to identities form the areas and some research. Some parts of the full story are missing while others have been interpreted or combined between two or more accounts. As such, readers of this website may have differing accounts of the situation or additional information. If this is the case, please forward your information to the contacts below so that information can be updated.

Friends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park can be contacted through the Natural Resources Centre in Kingscote:-

In person:    37 Dauncey Street Kingscote SA 5223
By Post:       PO Box 39 Kingscote SA 5223
Telephone:   08 8553 4444

The President can be contacted on:-

Daniel Rowley

The Secretary can be contacted on:-

Pat Brooksby