St Kilda Boat Club Inc.

Secretary- Jo Scott

  • Ph: 0408 852 448

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  • Treasurer- Paul Davison

  • Ph: 8255 2574

    Mooring Master- Richie Low

  • Ph: 0402087568

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    St Kilda Boat Club, Fookes Tce, St. Kilda

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    VHF Radio

    From 1 August 2017 there will be a practical component in the exam for a Certificate of Proficiency.

    See Changes to marine radio licensing further down

    The Channel

    See Notice to Mariners No.26 of 2016 - The channel 4Knot speed limit gazetted after 47 years

    Note that one of the Controls for the waters of the marina and channel out to the entrance beacon is that a person must not operate a vessel... at a speed in excess of 4 knots or in a planing attitude

    Join the Club

    Applications for membership are considered by the committee which meets at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of each month.


    Fees depend on type of membership, click here for typical membership fees Details may be checked with the Treasurer (8255 2574)

    Insurance (Minumum requirement - Third Party Property) is required for boats brought into the Club Marina

    Joining fee; $150 + $25 swipe card deposit


    Download the membership application form complete it, and email or post (POBox383, Salisbury, SA5108) it to the secretary in time for it to be displayed on the Club noticeboard for 7 to 14 days before the next meeting

    The Treasurer will send an invitation to attend the meeting, with an invoice, including a swipecard application form, for full payment when the application has been addressed. Evidence of insurance must be produced at this time

    The Wooden Boat Association of South Australia

    Wooden Boat Association Learn more about the association

    Marine Radio

    More changes to marine radio licensing

    The Australian Waters Qualification and the existing VHF licence

    The Radio Communications (Maritime Ship Station,-27 Mhz and VHF) Class Licence has been revised to cover VHF radios, to include the AWQ and some updates.

    VHF Licence(MROVCP)

    This licence is still available, is recognised in all states, as well as internationaly, and is valid for life. The names MROCP and MROVCP have been been changed to Long Range and Short Range Certificates of Proficiency respectively. These Handbooks have been revised, making the VHF Handbook relevant to both qualifications (AWQ and MROVCP). They can be purchased or viewed in pdf via the Australian Maritme College AMC , or see below. Internet training aids can be found on the same AMC website.

    A practical component is now included in the examination for a Certificate of Proficiency

    The AWQ

    The AWQ was approved on 27 February 2015 and is formally known as MARC019. It applies to recreational boat operators using their radios in Australian Teritorial Waters (defined as within 12 Nautical Miles of the Australian coast). It was intended to simplify obtaining a VHF marine radio licence, but it involves competency based training and Industry Skills Councils. It requires practical and written examination by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO); this course is not yet(June 2016) available in South Australia.

    The AWQ Manual can be downloaded from the Australia Communications and Media AuthorityACMAand is mainly (17 out of 20 pages) an enlargement of the operating sections of the Short Range VHF Handbook. Maintenance (two and a half lines) suggests carrying spare fuses. The practical matters of set, aerial and battery maintenance are not required for the AWQ examination but it does require"demonstration of operating skills". Training aids and the AWQ Manual can be found via the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group ANZSBEG

    COSTS: Interstate the AWQ is being offered for $200+ and requiring attendance at an RTO. See below for the Certificates of Proficiency A number of organisations, including the SA Coastguard, offer courses and examinations for the MROVCP at varying costs. Alternatively the AMC website training may be used for self instruction.

    For one-on-one help (including the MROVCP or MROCP Handbook, about $20 incl p&p), and Examinations, including the practical component, at cost, (currently $83). email: R.V.Taylor (Telephone: 8281 3530)

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    Man Overboard - MAYDAY or PAN PAN

    Some organisations are actively promoting ill-informed advice as to the use of MAYDAY for Man Overboard situations. The law requires instant action by receiving stations which must stay on the emergency channel, and proceed to the source of the call. This effectively locks out further calls on the channel until the originator terminates the MAY DAY call, and may result in several would-be rescuers arriving at the same point needlessly. Other unwanted consequences may rapidly arise.

    Read this discussion to clarify the correct action to be taken file


    Reproduced with kind permission from the Yaffa Publishing Group who produce the Cruising Helmsman magazine.

    Pains Wessex RB 6 EPIRBS

    These popular 406 EPIRBS are getting near battery replacement time. Replacement is free (but carriage charges are required) if you can meet the criteria listed here.

    If you can meet the criteria then here are the terms and the form

    And this an easy way to pack one for posting - a Post Office wine pack

    DUMP EZY Waste Disposal

    A new mobile home (and boat) sewerage station for black and grey water has been installed at St Kilda.

    A key (small deposit required) is available from Robyn at Tackle and Tucker between sunrise and sunset.

    Racing Rules of Sailing

    Click here to see or downloadRacing Rules of Sailing


    The Recreational Boating Safety Handbooh Supplement #2 and the 2010 version of the Handbook make several changes to the Safety Equipment to be carried to make a boat seaworthy.

    Click here for a simplified version of the minimum safety equipment table

    Barker Inlet Beacon

    Barker Inlet -unlit Port Hand Beacon No.3 has broken off and is now located at approx. 34degrees 44.58 minutesS, 138degrees30.33minutes E. See Notice to Mariners No;24 of13 Sep 2012

    State Marine Parks

    No comment; See the following

    Local State Marine Parks

    You can browse from here

    Commonwealth Marine Reserves

    So you thought you could fish further out from the State Marine Parks. Use this link and follow the prompts to get the whole story - Commonwealth Marine Reserves

    A new approach for recreational boaters who operate VHF marine radios

    Use this linkACMA

    The ACMA has today (1 June 2012 ) launched two videos aimed at informing recreational boaters about the importance of VHF marine radios, which channels to use, when and how. The ACMA has also collaborated with the Bureau of Meteorology in the second video to inform boaters about how to use the VHF marine radio to get information about the weather.

    Use this linkACMA VHF


    Automatic Identification System

    There are now "Apps" for mobile phones allowing their use for AIS Class B. Go to AIS displayto see local shipping

    Then try an interactive tutorial at Tutorial

    If you need more there are notes at Notes in pdf



    Latest version of OnDeck

    Useful Web Links Some useful web links, including weather info and this week's tide times

    Local Web Links New page - Open to suggestions

    Yachting TV New page - UK Yachting TV - any comments?

    Friends of Gulf St. VincentCheck their newsletters to see what's going on (or what is not being done) in our waters.

    New Boat Ramp at Middle Beach

    New and Aug 2012 - Don't forget to check the tides!

    Marine Parks

    Click here. Information on Marine Parks Keep up to date. See /SAMPIT

    The Australian Builders Plate

    The current situation including Frequently Asked Questions New rules were effective from 1 July 2006

    Should you need assistance with relevant Standards email: Bobvtaylor>

    Codes of Practice and Plans for comment

    Also need Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Activities on SA WatersEPA Code - Draft Overview

    With acknowledgement to the EPA

    Activities on SA WatersEPA Code of Practice - 62 page Draft

    Activities on the Murray and lakesCode of Practice

    Houseboat Mooring and Marina Stategy for the River MurrayDraft stategy for comment

    Other Links

    Community Information Community Information, City of Salisbury Web Site


    Decimal Degrees converter Minutes and Seconds to and from Decimal

    coordinates and equivalentsCoordinates and Equivalents

    Torrens Island Small Boat chartPartially revised to Aug 2006 - corrections welcome

    Suggestions welcome!

    Revised 18 May 2016