1985: Chowilla - The Chowilla Creek region of the River Murray along the NSW and SA border.

1986: Freeling Plateau - a remote, rugged and mountainous region in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

1987: Canunda - a coastal and sand dune National Park in the South East of South Australia.

1988: Coongie - a remote wetland area near Innaminka in the northeast of SA.

1990: Gammon Ranges - a remote, rugged mountainous terrain in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

1991: Lake Newland Phases I and II - The Conservation Park of central western Eyre Peninsula.

1992: Kangaroo Island - Flinders Chase National Park at the western end of the Island.

1993: Venus Bay - Conservation Park on the West Coast of SA.

1993: Kangaroo Island - further work in Flinders Chase National Park.

1995: Gawler Ranges - a little studied region of northern Eyre Peninsula.

1996: Gammon Ranges - remote, rugged mountainous terrain in the Northern Flinders Ranges.

1997: Balcanoona - on the eastern side of the Gammon Ranges National Park.

1999:Warraweena - A private conservation park in the North Flinders ranges east of Beltana.

Warraweena Expedition Report

2000: Gluepot - A Birds Australia reserve in the Murray Mallee north of the River Murray.

2002: Munyaroo - A Conservation Park which is between Whyalla and Cowell on Eyre Peninsula

Munyaroo Expedition Manual 

2003: Witjira - A Conservation Park which is is in the far north of South Australia

2005: Moonabie - The western end of Munyaroo Conservation Park

2006: Boolcoomatta - A private conservation reserve which is is near Broken Hill

2007: Scrubby Peak - in the Gawler Ranges on Eyre Peninsula

Scrubby Peak Report 9-07.pdf 

2008: Marqualpie - far North East of South Australia about 100 km north of Innaminka

2009: Arkaroola - Private Wilderness Sanctuary North Flinders Ranges (Baseline Survey - Drought Year)

2010 : Bimbowrie - Conservation Park in the eastern part of SA near Olary

2011: Arkaroola Part 1A - Private Wilderness Sanctuary North Flinders Ranges (revisit same area as 2009 after plenty of rain)

2012: Nullarbor - Sites from near Colona west of Penong to the WA border at Merdayerah and two north of Hughes and Cook on the East-West railway

2013: Hiltaba - Two expeditions to Hiltaba, a Nature Foundation property on upper Eyre Peninsula to obtain baseline data following removal of feral goats

2014: Nangwarry - In the South-East of South Australia to study the effects of various burning regimes in native forest on fauna and flora

2015: Witchelina - Phase 1 (Near Pug Hut) - Witchelina is a former pastoral property that comprises a magnificent outback expanse extending from Lake Torrens in the south to Marree in the north.

2016: Witchelina - Phase 2 (Near Main Homestead and Woolshed)