Dr Carole Pinnock, AM

June 8 2009 Dr Carole is a 'Member of the Order of Australia'

'For service to medicine, particularly urological research, and to men's health through the development of support programs for people with prostate cancer.'

Dr Carole Pinnock is Principal Research Scientist in the Urology Unit at the Repatriation General Hospital in Adelaide(Daw Park).

Her background is in clinical epidemiology (PhD, University of Adelaide in 1987) and has publications in bladder cancer and prostate disease.

She is chair of the education committee of the Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration and has developed initiatives in evidence-based support for patient decision-making in prostate disease.

Current projects involve evaluating treatment outcomes for prostate cancer, timeliness of care for men with elevated PSA, development of clinical guidelines for advanced prostate cancer, and updating consumer guidelines for localised prostate cancer.

Put Carole Pinnock into Google and see the many many hits showing the numerous papers and projects she has been involved in.

She can be contacted via Urology: Enquiries 8275 1950

Dr. Carole after speaking to the Adelaide Support meeting Aug 2005

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