Meetings Normally third Monday of each Month, Feb to Nov (check dates below in case of alterations) at Burnside War Memoral Hospital, in the meeting room
120 Kensington Rd, Toorak Gardens at
7.0 pm

As of Feb 2007 meetings at Fullarton Centre check home page

Feb 20 2006
3rd Mon
Annual General Meeting with the Election of Officers. Some videos will be screened. The meeting will be opened for a General Discussion amongst members. Burnside Hospital
Mar 27 2006
4th Mon
Dr. Bob Such, M.P. Member for Fisher and Mr. Andrew Baggio, Lawyer, - Talk on Wills and Powers of Attorney Burnside Hospital
Apr 24 2006
4th Mon

The Professor is unable to attend, instead there will be :- a General Discussion and will also screen a 20 minute video from the SBS "Insight" discussion program made on the 20th March. It deals with prostate cancer and other types of cancers and there is an interesting segment showing both Wayne Swan M.P. and Professor Coates speaking.

Lecture from Professor Villis Marshall. (An up-date on Prostate cancer and Prostate SA.)

Burnside Hospital
May 15 2006
3rd Mon
Dr. Alan Stapleton. Followed by questions and answers Burnside Hospital
Jun 19 2006
3rd Mon
Dr. Linda Foreman and Ms. Ellen Kerrins from the Cancer Council (SA) Burnside Hospital
July 17 2006
3rd Mon
Dr. R. Gowda on Brachytherapy at the R.A.H. Burnside Hospital
Aug 28 2006
4th Mon
Dr. Graham Lyons on diets and the latest on selenium. Also a general discussion. Burnside Hospital
Sept 18 2006
3rd Mon
Lecture on Prostate Cancer by Dr. Denby Steele Burnside Hospital
Oct 16 2006
3rd Mon
Talk by a speaker from the Council on the Ageing. (COTA or "Connecting Over 50s Throughout Australia") “Beyond Maturity Blues”
Burnside Hospital
Nov 12 2006
The date for our Annual BBQ at Chapel Hill Map in Oct Newsletter
Nov 20 2006
3rd Mon
Professor Villis Marshall Burnside Hospital
Feb 21 2005
3rd Mon
Election of officers, a short talk about High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Treatment (HIFU) and a lecture dealing with various aspects of prostate cancer by
Urologist Dr. James Aspinall
Burnside Hospital
Mar 21 2005
3rd Mon
Dr.Peter Sutherland, Head of Urology, R.A.H.
Illustrated lecture on Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer
Burnside Hospital
Apr 18 2005
3rd Mon
Professor Ian Olver, Medical Urologist, (director of the Cancer Centre at the Royal Adelaide Hospital) Illustrated lecture on Hormonal treatment, newer P/C treatments & Clinical trials Burnside Hospital
May 16 2005
3rd Mon
Please note this is a public holiday (Adelaide Cup Day). We will have an open discussion amongst members, questions & answers and a short video. Burnside Hospital
Jun 20 2005
3rd Mon
Dr. James Aspinall - An illustrated lecture on various aspects of Prostate Cancer. Questions and answers Burnside Hospital
July 18 2005
3rd Mon
Professor Villis Marshall - The latest about Prostate Cancer Research and Prostate S.A. Burnside Hospital
Aug 15 2005
3rd Mon
Dr. Carole Pinnock, Research Scientist from the Daw Park Repat. Hospital. - An Illustrated Lecture. Burnside Hospital
Sept 19 2005
3rd Mon
Ms. Adeline Lim, Senior Radiation Therapist, R.A.H. - A radiotherapy up-date. Burnside Hospital
Oct 17 2005
3rd Mon
Dr. Graham Sinclair - An illustrated lecture. Watchful waiting versus prostatectomies, radiotherapy and brachytherapy treatments. When each type of treatment should be used. Questions and answers. Burnside Hospital
Nov 13 2005 Annual Xmas BBQ from 12 noon
map with Oct Newsletter
Chapel Hill
Nov 21 2005
3rd Mon
Dr. Alan Stapleton, Head of the Urology Division of the Daw Park Repat. Hospital - The latest up-dates concerning the various prostate cancer treatments. Burnside Hospital
2004 Meetings
Feb 9th  2nd Mon
Open Discussion & What stage are you at?
Burnside Hospital
March 8th - 2nd Mon
Prof. Villis Marshall Latest Research Updates
Burnside Hospital
April 15th - 3rd Thur
John Mayes Diet for Cancer & Recipes
Burnside Hospital
May 10th - 2nd Mon
Bob McKenzie Alternative Health Medicine
Burnside Hospital
June 10th -2nd Thur
Dr Linda Swaney Radiation treatment for Prostate Cancer.
Burnside Hospital
July 12th - 2nd Mon
Prue Rymill Pharmacy Educator (How to save money on your prescription medicine)
Burnside Hospital
Aug 2nd - 1st Mon
Open Discussion How are you progressing?
Burnside Hospital
Sept 13th - 2nd Mon
Mr. Ray Nicholson from The Cancer Care Centre, Unley, to give us a talk on Meditation, Complementary Medicines, Yogi exercises etc
Burnside Hospital
Oct 18th - 3rd Mon
Ann Bressington Counsellor on Drug Rehabilitation (Insight into the problems).
Burnside Hospital
Nov 1st - 1st Mon
Dr Alan Stapleton Actual surgery to the Prostate Nerve sparing etc etc.
Burnside Hospital
Nov 21st - 3rd Sunday
Christmas Break Up Fun BBQ
Adelaide Hills
Details later in Newsletter


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