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Providing support for men with Prostate Cancer
and their families

Unfortunately the Group is no more. The last meeting was held late 2010.

Meetings Normally third Tuesday of each Month, Feb to Nov (check dates below in case of alterations) at 7pm
at Payneham RSL Clubrooms, 360 Payneham Rd, Payneham.
Feb 16 2010
3rd Tues

Kevin O’Shaughnessy will speak about his research regarding how men cope with a diagnosis of prostate cancer including when the cancer returns after treatment.

Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Mar 16 2010
3rd Tues

Professor Alfred Poulos Medical Researcher on the Causes Of Cancer.

Payneham RSL Clubrooms
April 20 2010
3rd Tues

Survivor forum including a meal and social evening.

Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Feb 17 2009
3rd Tues
Speaker Kevin O’Shaughnessy. Will speak in regard to his recent research in S.A. concerning men who have had a prostatectomy. His study provides an insight into issues men face and experience after prostatic surgery. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Mar 17 2009
3rd Tues
General discussion evening, including an address by Paul Redman, the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, Support Group Service Manager. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
April 21 2009
3rd Tues
Guest Speaker will be Dr Graham Lyons, who will speak in regard to diet, anti-prostate cancer foods and supplements. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
May 19 2009
3rd Tues
Faith Best, Naturopath, Health and Wellness Presentation. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
June 16 2009
3rd Tues
Ashleigh MOORE, Chair of Cancer Voices SA will speak in regard to their advocacy role on behalf of those affected by Cancer. Payneham RSL Clubrooms

July 21st

Dr Jehan Titus, Urologist who will speak about erectile dysfunction, treatment options and men’s sexual health. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
August 18th
Dr Samantha Pillay, Urologist who will speak about the wide spread problem of urinary incontinence. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Sept 15th
Rosalie Donhardt, Registered Nurse, good bladder & bowel. and Dr Rieger, Colorectal Surgeon, Speech regarding bowel. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Oct 20th
Urologist Doctor John Bolt, who will speak in regard to Erectile Dysfuntion, Treatment Options and Men's Sexual Health Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Nov 17th
Annual General Meeting; election of Office Bearers for 2010, social evening and barbecue. Payneham RSL Clubrooms
Dec 2 2008
3.0 pm
Inaugural Meeting for the Election of Officers, Affiliations with PCFA and other entities, Discussion re Bank Account, pre-planning of activities, format of meetings and other General Business. Payneham RSL Clubrooms

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