Many sites specific to prostate cancer, but includes some sites that deal with all types of cancer.
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Oncology Journals from The Lancet

Cancer Voices Australia and UK
Cancer Voices(NSW)
Cancer Voices Victoria
Cancer Voices SA
Canncer Voices UK
Supporting people affected by cancer Cancer Care Centre - Unley South Australia provider of complementary health care services Compassionate Oncology Hematology Medical Group Site full of interesting Infomraiton especially on Hormone Blockade Impotence Australia Continence Foundation of Australia - SA Branch Prostate Cancer Treatment Website Prostate Cancer 101 (Site with lots of Prostate Cancer information, Newsletters of Kingston NY Support Group, Links etc)
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth CancerCentre/RadiationOncology/ Treatments Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth, Western Australia Brachytherapy LDR and HDR Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Vic Dr Phillip Stricker site, lots of prostate cancer info High Intensity Focused Ultransound Site (HIFU) Look up Prostate Cancer on Webmd Da Vinci Robot Site specifically on Prostatectomy Healthline - includes Prostate Cancer information PSA Rising Prostate Cancer Survivor

For chemotherapy comment Seattle Prostate Institute Site, lots of information especially on Brachytherapy

For chemotherapy comment

National Cancer Institute of USA

For chemotherapy comment

For chemotherapy treatment (Uni. of Michigan)

Prostate Cancer Awareness Week site (U.S.A.)

Australian Cancer Answer Site

National Cancer Control Initiative

Help with social, emotional & sexual issues, + side effects. Wonderful Glossary

Largest advocacy group for prostate cancer

Cancer BACUP.Information and support for cancer

Answers to questions you need to ask

Andrology Aust. Centre of Excellence in Male Repro. Health

Andrology Aust. Professional website

Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation presentation notes

Mens’ health issues, including prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer Education and Support Ustoo (US)

 New York Online Access to Health Site

Dr. Charles (“Snuffy”) E. Myers jnr. site. Healthy eating book.

 Prostate Cancer Foundation (US)

Also known as Oncolink. Quite informative. Abramson Cancer Centre of the University of Pennsylvania

as above check out the Prostate Cancer part

Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer centre

ProstateLine Internation information resource of healthcare professionals interested in prostate cancer

Monahs Universtiy Health Promotion Site

On-line prostate cancer support group

Cancer Council Australia

American Cancer Society

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (USA)

Prostate Cancer Research Institute (“Insights” page)

Complete list of cancer rates by countries

Steve Dunn. Research on alternative cancer therapies.

Sponsored by Healthworld Online. Variety of info.

Charles (“Snuffy”) Myers site

UCLA Los Angeles Calf USA site

National Library of Medicine (PubMed) or;- (USA)


National Library of Medicine (PubMed) or;- (USA)

Chicago Prostate Cancer Centre

Manitoba Prostate Cancer Support Group

 Site about Book "Our Stolen Future"


 CNN Health Library (USA)

Nation Prostate Awareness site (USA)

 Cancer Net (USA)

Methodist Health Care System

New England Journal of Medicine

Urological Society of Australasia

Mayo Clinic Site for Patient Information (USA)

Prostate Cancer Research Institute

Home site of Prostate Cancer patient (USA)

Cancer Foundation of W.A.

ABC Health Matters

N.S.W. Health

myDR site For a Healthy Australia Health/focus.htm

Interesting links to prostate information

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