A Member of

The Association of Prostate Cancer Support Groups (S.A) Inc.



Meeting held at Noarlunga Community Hospital

On Wednesday July 7th 2004 from 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM.

Thank you to our Sponsors, Woodcroft Community Health Services, and Port Noarlunga Christies Beach RSL Sub Branch, and to everyone who is supporting us, especially the City of Onkaparinga Council

Thank you to Noarlunga Community Hospital for allowing us to use the Conference Room for our meetings.

Chair: John Shields.

Present: 18

 Apologies: Harold and Ann, and Jim.

Update on Gerry McCreanor


The meeting was advised that we have now registered Artie Ferguson as the third signature to our Bank Account at Australian Central Credit Union Colonnades.

We will get a Statement every three months and the Group agreed that the Treasurer would include a Treasurers report in the Newsletter following receipt of the Statement, and give a verbal report to the Group at each Monthly meeting.

Thank you Reg.

Reg Mayes, PSA Adelaide, sent me some Pamphlets about the Association of Prostate Cancer Support Groups (S.A) Inc. and two booklets.

(1) Coping with a diagnosis of PROSTATE CANCER from the Queensland Cancer Fund.

(2) Mens Health Matters, TESTICULAR CANCER from Andrology Australia, Melbourne.

I will try and get some copies of these for our library and information table.

Reg also loaned us the Video, A Guide To Advanced Prostate Cancer, and emailed the list of books and videos that John Mayes (PSA Adelaide) collated and commented on.

Thanks to both Reg and John for this list, it would have taken a lot of time and effort, not to mention the careful thought that would have been needed to produce it. (Four A4 Pages)

Copies of receipts for items purchased with the Grant from the City of Onkaparinga Council were forwarded to Gina Growden, Executive Officer of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, on the 14th June 2004, to enable her to prepare and forward a report to the Council, as required.

Fundraising for Cancer Research

Australias Biggest Morning Tea, $407 000.00 to date

Jan Cullen- Habner and Ann Fensom, who rode their bicycles from Adelaide to Mount Gambier, $27 000.00

Fundraising for us.

Quiz night at the Port Noarlunga Christies Beach RSL Sub Branch, on Saturday 18th September, at 7.30 pm.

The quiz night is the beginning of a sequence of events, it precedes the National Prostate Cancer Phone in day on September 23rd, and the Awareness meeting, date TBA.


We are still awaiting a decision on when the new Christies Beach Surf Lifesaving Club will be ready to open, and when we will be able to have a meeting there, but are hoping that it will be late September.

As soon as we have that information we will all be able to start making definite arrangements.

There will be a lot to do to make this a great success and we want to make the most of this wonderful opportunity to let our local Community know who we are, what we are about, where we meet and when, and generally spread the word about Prostate Cancer and Prostate Cancer Support.

I will also be emphasising the importance of having our Wife or Partner accompany us, not only to our appointments, which was mentioned several times in the Videos, but we need them to also accompany us at the Support Group Meetings.

The lady in our life is our number one source of support and their life is very much affected by Prostate Cancer, and we all need to support each other.

Being together at the Support Group Meetings is a good way to do this.

It is good to see the Men talking together about their own experiences, but I find it equally rewarding to see the Ladies talking together about the way that Prostate Cancer has affected their lives and what they have done to help them cope.


Wednesday August 4th 2004

Guest Speaker:

Mr Doug Ranson

Nutritionist, Noarlunga Health Centre

Subject: Nutrition and Cancer