Text Box: Laughter is the Best Medicine
Send us your favourite  appropriate joke, humorous anecdote or cartoon—it may be just the tonic we need!
Perhaps you have a book, video or audiotape relating to prostate cancer that you no longer need.
Please send them to us.  We will appreciate your generosity.
We are compiling a booklet of case studies that will be valuable to our meetings.
Tell us the story of your experience with prostate cancer.  We will use only first names and any information marked confidential will remain strictly confidential.
Help us to compile an interesting informative, user-friendly newsletter—put pen to paper or send us those snippets—then encourage your family, friends and neighbours to read it.  Help us strengthen our support in the southern region.
At:  PO Box 627
Noarlunga Centre, SA  5168
Text Box: Watchful Waiting
Taking your time to make a 

There is a big difference.
Watchful waiting means working together with your doctor, keeping a careful check of your PSA level and following your doctor’s expert advice.

Taking your time to make a decision means that you have studied the options available, talked them over with your wife/partner, family or friends and you are still weighing up the pros and cons of what is best for you.

We are told that prostate cancer grows slowly, but how slow is slow?   Is our decision going to be the right decision?  Is there a new treatment around the corner?  Decisions—Decisions– Decisions!!  Whichever choice that you make we encourage you to have a positive attitude, have confidence in our medical profession and be assured,

Text Box: DON’T BE SHY

Talk openly and frankly about prostate cancer with your family, friends, neighbours and members of the community.

The more people who are aware of prostate cancer and the need for men to have a PSA blood test the better.

Gone are the days when serious illnesses and diseases were a deep dark secret.

This is the age of enlightenment.  People are wanting to be informed, they want to know the facts.  

You can help us by learning all that you can about prostate cancer and then sharing your knowledge with those around you, your workmates and your circle of friends.

The early bird catches the worm!  Let us make sure that our menfolk get in early and have that PSA test.

Remember—forewarned is forearmed