Thank you to Noarlunga Community Hospital for allowing us to use the room.

Thanks also to our Sponsors Woodcroft Community Health Services and Port Noarlunga /Christies Beach R&SL Sub Branch, and to all who are supporting us.

Chair: John Shields

Present: 17

Apologies: Norman, Barry, Brian and Rhonda, Ann, and Laurie.

And a big welcome to: Ken, Frank, Sydney, Jim and Walter.

It was very encouraging to see such a good response to the story in the SOUTHERN TIMES Messenger on Wednesday February 4th.

And thank you to our Patron/Publicity Officer, Artie Ferguson, for arranging this for us.

Thanks also to Harold Jones for volunteering to be our Welcoming Officer.


Port Noarlunga Surf Lifesaving Club hosted the State Juniors Titles on Saturday28th and Sunday 29th February 04 and we had an information table there. People hesitate to stop and talk about Prostate Cancer, but this is early days, and we will continue to be out there in the Community, providing information to them on a regular basis.

Artie has started the ball rolling, and there are a few of us who are willing to give some time to this very important aspect of our Groups activities, and in time, we will have enough interested members to be able to have a roster, so that nobody needs to spend more than a couple of hours at a time at the information table, most people are able to fit half an hour in, as most of our information days are in the local community.

There was not a lot of interest at the State Juniors Titles, and one Man told his friends I don’t want to know, and that is his choice, however, the Mums and Dads of the Nippers were comparatively young and still at an age when the Dads may still be thinking that Prostate Cancer couldn’t happen to them, then again, at what age do Men stop thinking that they are invincible, and that something like Prostate Cancer is a Disease that only other people get.?

Interestingly, most of the inquiries came from the Ladies.

One Lady wanted to take home some information for other Family members, an older member of her Family had died from Prostate Cancer and she wanted to make sure that others could read up about the subject and be informed.

I said to Phyllis that it had made the whole day worthwhile, and that it reminded me of a TV Commercial Goodyear Tyre’s sometimes has.

It says that if you only save one life a year, it is a “Good Year”.

So we can be lifesavers too.

Yes that gave me a very good feeling, and, like I said, it made my day.

Artie had a similar experience the following day, and we look forward to similar experiences next Saturday at Moana.

This event is for the Seniors so there will be a lot of people who are in the age group when they should be thinking about their Prostate Health.

One of the things mentioned at the meeting was that it would have been so different if an early Diagnosis had been made, and I couldn’t agree more.

A card from the Australian Prostate Cancer Collaboration states.

“I wish I had known that when I was first Diagnosed”… because having the right information and being able to speak to someone else who has already faced Prostate Cancer can make all the difference.

I wonder how many Men and their Families can relate to that.

However, I would prefer to hear people say, “I am glad that I knew all about Prostate Cancer”, and talked to my Doctor about it when there was still plenty of time.

Forewarned is forearmed, so the saying goes.

This is one very good reason why we need to be out there, being visible and providing the residents in our Community with the opportunity to know now.

We are meeting with Artie at Moana Beach from 8.30am on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th March.

Those days have now passed and once again we did not get a lot of interest from people coming up to talk to us, however, there were a lot of people looking to see what our information was all about, and that is what I like to see, because they go away thinking about Prostate Cancer, and it is another reason why we need a Banner, so that people can see from a distance who we are and what our message is. It is then up to them to look a little closer and perhaps have a chat, or to walk away knowing that Prostate Cancer is a fact of life, the choice is theirs.

Our thanks to Moana Surf Lifesaving Club for allowing us to be there.


Last Sunday afternoon we attended a Lawn Bowls Competition between Morphett Vale Memorial Bowling Club and The Master Builders Association.

There were approximately Forty Men present and most of them were interested in our information as it was a special Cancer afternoon and proceeds raised in memory of a past member, were donated to the Cancer Council.



We are still getting a lot of prizes donated by the RSL, but to make this night a huge success we still need a lot more, so please have a look and see if you can find something to donate.

Phyllis is making coat hangers with a lace cover, and two of her friends have knitted a lovely doll especially to donate for the quiz night, and RSL members have promised that there will be more prizes to come, please don’t worry that we might get too many of the same items as there are many prize groups to place them in.

Of course, don’t forget to put this date in your diary, as Quiz nights are very popular. If you want to book a table of eight, and I suggest that you do, then I will be happy to make the booking for you.

On the other hand, the RSL is a great place to visit and it is very easy to find on the Esplanade just up on top of the hill overlooking the Port Noarlunga Jetty and the beautiful Coastline South.

At the end of the evening the Port Noarlunga-Christies Beach RSL Sub Branch will make another donation to our Group.

Community spirit is alive and well at your local RSL Sub Branch, and I want to thank the Management Committee for this excellent gesture.


I have received a cheque from Abbott Australasia P/L Inc. for $250.00 to help pay our ongoing expenses, this will be followed soon by the $2000.00 Grant from the City of Onkaparinga Council for the much needed office equipment.


Jeff Roberts and Trevor Hunt have arranged an Awareness evening for sometime in July, the venue will most likely be at Woodcroft Community Health Centre and the dates have yet to be worked out.

I would have appreciated it if I had been told about this beforehand as Artie and I have been very busy working toward a public meeting ourselves.

However, congratulations to all of the members of the Prostate Cancer Action Group (SA) Inc. for the great job that they do, they really do deserve a pat on the back for their tireless efforts, giving of themselves for the benefit of others.


The name Prostate Cancer Support-Onkaparinga Group was there from the moment that I decided to start a Prostate Cancer “Specific” Support Group here in the City of Onkaparinga.

Back in 1998, when I was still working, we were asked to name an Alzheimers Social Group that we were starting up in the Community, and I suggested naming the Group the Onkaparinga Group and this name was accepted.

The name Onkaparinga is one of those names that always stayed in my memory. Other names have been very easily forgotten, but not Onkaparinga.

Some 35 years ago when I lived in Melbourne, I bought a pair of blankets manufactured at the Onkaparinga Mills, and the name Onkaparinga “stuck in my mind”, perhaps it is because I saw it so often on the blankets, or perhaps it is because Onkaparinga was to be a very memorable part of my life.

I was brought up in Echuca, on the Victoria/ N.S.W border where the Campaspe river meets the mighty Murray River. Echuca is the Aboriginal name for ‘meeting of the waters’. Onkaparinga is the Aboriginal (Kaurna) name for ‘the woman’s river’, and where we live overlooks the beautiful Onkaparinga Wetlands and Estuary.

The name “Onkaparinga Group” seemed to be a natural choice to me.

Our Patron Artie Ferguson is the person who named this area ‘Onkaparinga’

I remember the vigorous debate at the time when someone wanted to give us the name ‘City South’? and Artie, along with a lot of others including myself, thought that this name was ridiculous. There is a strip of Used car sales yards on South Road Reynella, and City South would have been a more appropriate name for one of them.

Artie went to the Council meeting armed with a lot of information about the rich history of the Onkaparinga Gorge, the Onkaparinga River, the Estuary etc, and the Aboriginal Heritage.  The name, City of Onkaparinga was born.  So Artie and myself have a very strong connection to the name Onkaparinga.

There must have been something in the water?


Before the meeting, several Support Group Leaders met with Max Gardner, who is now Chairman of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, and Don Baumber, from Queensland. It was good to be recognised as being part of a Team of Support Groups that is working together for the benefit of us all. 

Later on Max and Don were asked to speak to the meeting prior to the arrival of Professor Villis Marshal, and since I found it hard to take a lot of notes I will wait for the PSA Adelaide Newsletter and photo copy that section for you.

Professor Villis Marshal used Power point presentation to explain in detail, as only this method of presentation can, the finer points of all treatments, including Robotic Surgery, I will wait for Melissa’s contribution.


I have news for you Mark.

The crisis in masculinity has been affecting boys and men since time immemorial.

Just ask the men, and the families of men, who either have Prostate Cancer, or who have died from Prostate Cancer.

Not the big C, us big strong men must not talk about the big C, especially not if the big C is Prostate Cancer.

Leave all of the talking about Cancer to the women, because they are very good at talking about everything to do with their health, especially Breast Cancer.

So Breast Cancer gets most of the funding, and Prostate Cancer gets the least.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, so the saying goes.

Strange, that the huge majority of Politicians are men who are all prone to Prostate Cancer, yet they give the funding to women for Breast Cancer testing and research

Is it because men are so bedazzled by the female breast that they are blind to their own prospects of being a potential candidate for a date with the Undertaker through their own ignorance about Prostate Cancer?

The real reason is possibly Centuries old.

And as for Role Models, please do not recommend a bean counters friend for a Role Model where Prostate Cancer is concerned.

Come on male Politicians, indeed, come on all men, break out of the mould, talk openly about your health, especially talk about Prostate Cancer, it is a cruel, and sometimes silent killer of men.

I would like to see the masses of male Politicians being a powerful driving force

behind educating all men and their families about every aspect of Prostate Cancer testing and research before Prostate Cancer gets them.