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Restored hotel wall

Restoration of hotel stone wall

In 2013 the MTDCA restored the old stone wall fronting the Mt Torrens Hotel yard. This project was completed with a grant from the Adelaide Hills Council and many hours of volunteer labour.

Telstra eyesore on historic street

Telstra Builds Barn to Hide Exchange in Historic Street

In 2010 Telstra agreed to a request from the MTDCA to ‘hide’ the ugly exchange that had sat in the main street for 40 years.  The original building which looked for all the world like a shipping container is now enclosed in a traditional barn, far more in keeping with the heritage values of Townsend Street. 

Situated right next to the recently restored hotel stone wall, this is a further example of a relatively simple solution to what was once an eye-sore.

Historic Bridge over Angus Creek

Renovation of Historic Bridge

These days most of the traffic passing down the main street would be unaware that the bridge over Angas Creek is itself built over the old Stone Bridge.  The original stone arches are still visible under the modern bridge and the original stone wall still sits on the eastern side of the bridge. The mortar on the stone wall is now severely damaged so that moisture easily makes its way into the structure. On cold nights this becomes ice, further damaging the integrity of the wall.

MTDCA has written to the Department of Planning, Transport and  Infrastructure urging them to repair this important piece of their property. So far they have not found the funds to meet this responsibility.

Historic plaque to be incorporated into proposed walking track

Mount Torrens Heritage Loop Trail 

 MTDCA has a 4 kilometre loop trail to link with Stage 3 of the Amy Gillett Trail (AGT). This is designed to highlight the cultural values of the town and the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside. The trail commences (or ends) at the Mt Torrens oval where there is ample parking and toilet facilities. The trail  heads east along Oval Road to Townsend Street, passing through the 'old town' with its interpretive plaques, connecting with the walking track in the Dunnfield Reserve and finally returns to the AGT via a road reserve passing by Lobethal Road Winery. The Adelaide Hills Council has commenced work on the track. 


Mount Torrens Heritage Reserve

The most recent change to the "Mt Torrens Reserve" has been the removal of the former CFS shed.

The plan to develop the site including a new building for town archival storage and covered picnic area for visitors, also to be used as a bus shelter. 
The AHC has allocated funds for the building of the facilities. It is proposed that landscaping will be completed by local volunteers.   

Landscape designer Viesturs Cielens kindly prepared a preliminary concept plan for the reserve. As usual, we will appreciate feedback on this and further suggestions. Subsequently an architect has drawn up MORE DETAILED PLAN. 

 Mount Torrens "Key" Sculpture  

A wonderful creation by international sculptor Chanan Sonmezdag Zongur  from Turkey.  Thousands of visitors watched as Chanan and seven other sculptors turned rock into art at The Cedars (Hahndorf) over 21 days. At the finale  Kevin Sinkinson presented Chanan with a gift from the Mount Torrens community. 

Funding for this world class sculpture was was raised entirely from private donations  with a significant component from the Thyne Reid Foundation. Mount Torrens was the only town to have a sculpture made from local stone, donated by the Edwards family. 

The significance of the key is sure to provoke debate, but most people will recognise that Mt Torrens is a gateway to so many aspects of the Hills environment. Even back in the 1850s it was a way-point on the bullock track from Adelaide to the River Murray.