Friends of Dry creek

Friends of Dry Creek Trail

Our Group

We are a community group working under the banner of Landcare and Catchment Care. We enjoy working with our friends and neighbours to improve our environment and our local parks and reserves.

We began in 2000 when some erosion remediation work was done along Dry Creek in Valley View, South Australia. The community was then asked to be involved in revegetation plantings. Since then we have carried on working along the creek with extra plantings.

Our section of Dry Creek begins at Grand Junction Road, Valley View, then continues downstream to Walkleys Road. This section is jointly managed by the:

  • City of Salisbury Council
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council
  • Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board.

We do look for advice and support from these bodies and others, including the One Million Trees Program and the Urban Biodiversity Unit of the South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

We regularly participate in Clean Up Australia Day.

We also look outside our area and go on walks in National Parks and Council Reserves.

Our Aim

We want to rehabilitate our section of Dry Creek to what it was like before Europeans came to Australia. We want to bring back the song birds, wrens and finches. We want to bring back the lilies, bulbs, daisies and other flowers. Native grasses are also very important.

Our aim is to restore the bed of the creek to a ribbon of aquatic plants, interspersed with deep pools connected by rubble beds. The banks will be replanted with River Red Gums, Port Broughton Willow, shrubs and reeds. We want the remainder of the reserve to be planted with Mallee Box association species. Our idea is to recreate the grassy woodland that was once found along drainage lines in this area. Where there is an opportunity, native grasses, groundcovers and perennials will be replanted.

The Dry Creek Trail will meander through the trees allowing walkers and cyclists to see, feel and enjoy the experience of the creek's vegetation and compare it with the grassy woodland that the creek runs through.

Dry Creek Linear Park in Walkley Heights, an important piece of remnant Adelaide Plains vegetation, will be used as our reference site. It enables us to see what the Mallee Box association looks like, so we can replicate it in our area.

Objectives of Group

We have a number of objectives that we think are important:

  • Being determined in stopping further deterioration of the Watercourse, Trail and Reserve System
  • To restore the Biodiversity of the Watercourse and Reserve System to a sustainable level for future generations
  • To encourage interest in the Watercourse, Trail and Reserve System
  • To educate the Community in the value of the Watercourse, Trail and Reserve System
  • To promote the Watercourse, Trail and Reserve System as an area for the community's enjoyment
  • To link with other like-minded groups
  • To identify issues within the whole catchment
  • To be a resource for the Community, Local Councils and Government of valued, considered opinions relating to environmental matters.