After years working on many small projects under the direction of our management plan we have taken our approach and turned them into larger projects.

Two projects are almost at an end, however they will be revised and the new plans will allow us to carry on our efforts.

Action Plan

The first is an action plan prepared by us, titled Action Plan for Dry Creek Reserve (City of Port Adelaide Enfield) Valley View, SA 2009–2015. Begun in 2009, this project will revisit many of our previous plantings in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, do some maintenance and add supplementary plantings.

Restore Netter Reserve (City of Salisbury)

Netter Reserve was an old horse agistment paddock, purchased by the City of Salisbury. Begun in 2009, we are attempting to restore the site back to a Mallee Box Grassy Woodland. This project involves weed control, planting of native grass seedlings and broadcasting seeds of lilies, daisies and other flowering plants. An action plan will be written by the City of Salisbury and the Catchment Care program of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty NRM Board. We hope this action plan will also cover the remainder of our area under the control of the City of Salisbury.

National Tree Day (City of Port Adelaide Enfield)

Since 2013, we have held a community National Tree Day planting in Thomas Turner Reserve, Valley View. These plantings ae intended to be a showcase of a community group restoring the Grassy Woodland of Valley View. The plants represent the varied grasses, lilies, bulbs and flowers that will attract butterflies, moths, bees and birds of Valley View.

Our activities in the future will further develop the biodiversity of Valley View, and the communities understanding of it.