Club Machinery

Numerous Engines and items of Rural Machinery have been acquired and restored by Club Members since inception of the Club.  Click on the named items in the following list to view a short description (some with photographs) of the Club's Machinery.  This site is sure to grow as descriptions are completed and more Machinery is restored.....

  1. Allen Motor Scythe
  2. Bagshaw Winnower
  3. Blackstone Portable Engine.
  4. Bourne Bag Loader
  5. Broomwade Air Compressor
  6. Dorman 415v Generator
  7. "Hesso" Blackstone
  7a Hesso the full story and specs.
  7b Hesso rescue and restoration photos series 1
  7c Hesso rescue and restoration photos series2
International Fire Truck
  9. Kaesler "Reliance" Engine
10. Kaesler Clover Thresher
11. Massey Harris Baler
12. Massey Harris Hay Rake
13. Massey Harris Reaper Binder
14. McCormick IHC Grinder
15. Salman Chaff Cutter
16. Spiroflow Pump
17. Sunshine 7HP Engine
18. ICH Famous 2hp
19. Sundial B 2hp
20. Sunshine 5hp
21. Three Club Engines