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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have our own unique web address rather than www.communitywebs/examplegroupname?

You can have your own domain name/web address by registering and purchasing a domain name netregistry. You will need to renew this every year. Make sure you obtain full domain services so that the provider will point the name at the address of your site on our server. Then let us know when this has occurred and we will finalise this procedure. Some examples of domain name providers

How can we ensure our website is ranked higher in results from a web search?

Search engines look at the meta tags (keywords and description) which you can add to your website by using the editor and adding information to the page properties. You should add key words and a description for each page.

The search engine also picks up the title of each page, heading names, heading structure, link names and what descriptors you give alt text for images.

The other big factor in how well search results reflect your likelihood of appearing high in the listings is how many in-bound links your site has from creditable organisations (ie you need to get reputable organisations in related fields to put a link to your website on their website).

You should also update your web site pages frequently. This raises the likelihood of your pages being returned in a search.

If you are very keen to ensure your website is returned in the top ten results consistently you might consider employing a search engine optimisation specialist. Here are some links to further information about search engine optimisation:

Google Search Engine Optimization: and the Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Can we move our site new a new server?

You can move your move your site to a new server. The process is slightly different for sites made before 2015. If your site was made prior to 2015 and you want to keep using the content management system it uses, you will need to get a licence to this system (very low cost and perpetual for not-for-profits). Please contact us at and someone will contact you shortly.

If your site was made in 2015 or after, it uses the Wordpress content management system. We can help you export the files . Please contact for information.