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If you have any queries or questions about the Sustainable Online Community Engagement project or what we can provide, please contact us at

Currently we commence building websites and completing other communication products for community groups twice a year. The first set of projects is commenced in March and the second is late July/early August. If you apply to SOCE your application will be placed on the list of projects for the next commencement of projects. The process generally takes twelve weeks, during which time the student will need to maintain regular contact with a member of the community group via email. For more information on project schedules, please look at our Step by Step Process Page.

Projects students can work on for community organisations include: websites and social media, online and print publications, (editing and design), documentary and promotional DVD, databases of club information, assistance with public relations strategies, professional writing and journalism projects and other activities.

To make an application to have a website or project developed, please fill out our Application Form.