Although the Society is continually fundraising to supplement Government funding to carry out our role in the community, membership plays a very important part in our financial status.

Membership fees:

Yearly Membership fees:

For the Financial year beginning July 1st 2017 - June 30th 2018.

Family: $30

Single: $20

Half year fees:

After December .

Family: $15

Single: $10

The Society keeps in touch with its members through a quarterly newsletter and regular 'get togethers' as well as hosting special guest speaker evenings.

If you would like to join our Society and become involved in preserving John Horrocks Cottage as well as ensuring the preservation of the history of a small piece of South Australia please print the membership form below and post to the MHHS.

Membership form

This form is a PDF file and Adobe Reader will be needed to open this. Please download Adode Reader if you do not have it installed on your computer.