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Proudly Affiliated With Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

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Prostate Cancer Action Group (S.A.) Inc.

- A group of people concerned with prostate cancer issues who meet in Adelaide (with the closing of the South Terrace Office it is unknown were we will meet in the futre! possibly in the new office when it is opened)to plan services for people with prostate cancer.

- Prostate Cancer Action Group (S.A.) Inc. Constitution

This website is provided as a public service to create awareness and education about prostate cancer.

This Group, either as a Group or individually, does not treat or prescribe for any human disease, and is not a provider of professional advice. Nor does it purport to act as a provider of any professional advice. If any man has concerns about his prostate health, he should consult a health professional. The Group acts as a means of creating an awareness of prostate health, and encourages men to take a more proactive interest in their overall health situation, by promoting stimulation for independent thought and analysis.

Members of the group are available to speak at meetings. See contact details on Support Page.

Please note also that two of our members are part of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Men's Health Ambassador Speaker Program and are available to give a Prostate Cancer Presentation in South Australia. (Ian on 8296 3350 or David on 8270 2227 Anywhere, Any day, Any time at no cost!

There are details of the Ambassador program here. ("Please contact the PCFA on Email or 02 9438 7018 to arrange a speaker.")

The group does not recommend any particular treatment or product, and stresses that it is important that any person should consult his/her health professional before making any decision about any treatments.

The history of the group has been compiled by Jeff Roberts (with some help). The Launch of the publication was done on Mar 3 2015. See the History Publication here, some photos taken at the launch are here.

Prostmate A tailored Australian online clinical portal for anyone affected by prostate cancer.

Council of the Aging (Seniors Voice Speaking out to governments and communities for a fair go for all seniors) (SA), National

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prostate cancer treatment website over 500 pages of current, comprehensive and objective information on every form of prostate cancer treatment

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PSA Rising Prostate Cancer Survivor,      Look up Prostate Cancer on Webmd

Diet and Prostate Cancer by Dr Graham Lyons - Summary of his talk.

Our Brochure(click to see a Acrobat Reader(pdf) version)
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