The Stables provides assistance to the community through their community support unit, stable court and emergency caravans for the homeless.

Stable Community Support Unit

The Support Unit team of volunteers assist individuals and families at their point of need, through the provision of pastoral care, advocacy and practical help. Stable Help is available to all people and we do our best to assist everyone at their point if need.

Services we provide:

  • DSS funded food assistance called SURF
  • Financial counsellor
  • Pastoral support worker
  • Stable community support unit
  • Stable court-housing
  • Centrelink volunteer program
  • Men’s emergency caravan accomodation
  • Seniors computer training
  • Youth training through mentoring
  • Pumped and ready to go
  • Craft night (On Friday nights)


Our vision is to offer the love of Christ to individuals, families and young people who are in need, by showing care and practical assistance, and empowering them to make choices that will enhance their overall health and spiritual well being


Stable Court

The aim of Stable Court is to provide long-term supported accommodation to low-income families with ongoing family support provided by church members who desire to enrich the lives of others.

Stable Court is a joint venture between South Australian Community Housing Association (SACHA), Lutheran Community Housing Support Unit and The Stables Christian Centre Inc, commonly known as ‘The Stables’. The houses are managed by the Lutheran Community Housing Support Unit who are responsible for final approval and allocation of residents, rent, repairs and evictions. The Stables Christian Centre Inc is the landowner and provider of ongoing family support.


Applications for accommodation can be filled out at The Stables with the assistance of the Community Support Unit team. Support letters from our doctor, social worker or other relevant professional will assist your application.


Tuesdays or Thursdays


Emergency Caravans

Low cost emergency caravan accommodation for homeless or transient men. Work on the property during each weekday morning is offered with a free hot lunch for those who participate.


Accommodation is provided for three months with provision for support and work opportunities in order that they might find permanent accommodation and enhanced work and social skills


  • to have assistance to find permanent accommodation
  • to gain work skills
  • to chat with caring people about life’s journey during the course of the working morning
  • to become socially engaged with others
  • get assistance with financial stress
  • have support with any problems related to  addictions
  • to live in a peaceful environment


Do you have school supplies, medical supplies, clothes or household items that you’re holding onto? Donate them to The Stables and they will go to families in Papua New Guinea Vanuatu or Africa.

To learn more about where the donations go, skip to our overseas page.

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