Our next plant sale will be on SUNDAY 2nd JULY 10am to 2pm

The Kersbrook Landcare Group (KLG) is a community run incorporated body. A not for profit organisation which was formed in 1997 by residents concerned about agricultural and environmental issues in the Kersbrook region.The group currently provides information and support to local residents in the form of information evenings, working bees and group purchasing savings.

The KLG manages a locally indigenous plant nursery located at the South Para SA Water depot, where volunteers assist in the production of approximately 50,000 plants per annum. Most of these plants are used for revegetation purposes, but they are also for sale to the general public at most competitive prices.

We aim to encourage and promote community interest in sustainable land management practices, to enhance biodiversity within the Kersbrook region and to be a proactive advocate for the region’s environment and contribute to works to ensure that the threats to the environment are addressed and mitigated.

Working with our group is satisfying, educational, safe, healthy and most importantly, a HAPPY experience!

For more information about our group please contact:

Secretary Heidi Pitman 0431989397 or Chris Roscarel 0448686909

Nursery Manager, Yvonne Gravier,

Mobile: 04300 18007

Plant sales in June - September each year

This year the dates are:

Sunday 2nd July (probable Flora book launch)

Saturday 5th August

Sunday 3rd September

All 10am to 2pm

how to get there

Check out the plants we are growing for 2017