Join FOCC on a family friendly Bushcare Blitz event once a month on weekends from March to October at the new Kites and Kestrels play space.

Working bees are held at different locations in the park, on the third Friday of the month.

The ‘Mellor Plan’, named in honor of a long-standing FOCC member who had adopted a patch of CCRP that extended out from his backyard, had dedicated many years of eradicating weeds and looking after his patch.

This is a model now adopted by a number of FOCC members who are passionate about a particular patch and gives them flexibility of practicing bushcare principals at a time that suits them, and then being able to call on other members for dedicated working bees and to lend a helping hand in their patch.

One of the main projects undertaken by the FOCC in recent times has been the stabilisation of the Teakle farmhouse ruins, which sits on top of Cobbler Hill, and was last occupied by the Teakle family around 100 years ago.

There are other ruins in the park that has the potential to be another stabilisation project for FOCC.