Field Trips

What We Do Best!

The Friends' main activity each year is a field trip (or several trips) to some part of the vast Great Victoria Desert. The trips are generally held over one or two weeks in the cooler months. Members travel in their own vehicles and we are supported by DEWNR staff. All work and travel is approved by the traditional owners.  In recent years the trips have concentrated on biological survey work, but a great deal of valuable clean-up and track clearing work has been undertaken in the past. Our field trips are conducted in a relaxed, friendly manner. Lots gets done, but we take full account of the harsh environment and the long distances involved; not to mention the average age of our members. We camp out every night and a great sense of camaraderie quickly develops. The links will take you to summaries, photos and reports which will give you a feel for the work involved and how we went about it.

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