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History of the Waikerie and Districts Machinery Preservation Society.

During a showing of privately owned machinery at the 1994 Waikerie Gadget & Field Day, some of the machinery owners spoke of the possibility of forming a club or something similar.

Early 1995 a contingent of 13 interested persons were located by Graham Lange to talk with the year 2000 consultancy group to discuss the possibility of developing a display of old machinery etc. in the area behind the Art Gallery. There was a great deal of interest shown by the consultants and a suggestion by Ray Levi that maybe the old E & W.S. – SA Water workshop, situated near the irrigation Pumping Station, could perhaps be bought by the Waikerie Council and used as a Museum of old machinery used throughout the Waikerie & Surrounding Districts.

Wall Plaque of people from the club

Three enthusiasts, Grant Hall, Graham Lange and Ray Levi approached the District Clerk Trevor Burgemeister, and Deputy District Clerk Brian Rogers, of the possibility of this venture, but a problem arose, the shed had been sold privately to Mr Graham Mee but not removed as yet. Mr Mee was kind enough, after the situation was explained to him, to sell the shed to Council. Council also had the land surrounding the subdivided from the Government Land.

The first General meeting of interested persons was held in the supper room of the Waikerie Institute on the 25th August 1995, and 15 people were present and 7 apologies were accepted, a steering committee was formed, and the name of the club decided as we know it now. There was a lot of discussion about a constitution, insurance and club membership fees and that another follow up meeting to be called in October.

The first Committee meeting was held at the home of Grant and Anne Hall on the 21st September 1995, seven people attended with one apology recorded, constitutions from other clubs were scrutinised and discussed and our own constitution was formed. A letter was sent to Council thanking them for the decision to purchase the ex-government workshop and surrounding land and allowing us to lease the property for use as a museum.

The second general meeting was again held in the supper room of the Institute on the 28th of September where it was resolved that more information on insurance be obtained from the Local Government Association Insurance. The main points from the discussion of the constitution were put forward and discussed in detail to the members and then tabled, a resolution was put forward that the constitution be checked for legality and then registered. Membership fees were decided and moved that they be forwarded at the Annual General Meeting which was to be held in the Institute on the 17thof November 1995. At the first Annual General Meeting of the "Waikerie and Districts Machinery Preservation Society”, election of officers was conducted and the following positions filled: - President – Ray Levi, Vice President – Graham Lange, Secretary – Grant Hall, Treasurer – Peter Versteeg, Publicity Officer – Anthony Lange. The Management Committee were – Ron Brock, Trevor Kleemann, Michael Leske, John Hunter, and Ken Holdsworth.

The Membership fees were accepted and past, and in addition for the first 12 months, members could become foundation members for a fee of $50-00, this helped the Club financially.

Ron Brock was nominated to organise signwriting on the front of the museum and at the front gateway and were painted by Barry Gifford. A newsletter was started and membership was now 25 foundation members.

The logo was agreed to, using the Waikerie District logo as a basis for ours, with a different centre section.

Two working bees were arranged and at this stage the shed wiring for 240 volts and 415 volts was being reinstated by Club members, Ron Brock, Grant Hall, Peter Versteeg and Ray Levi. The service from the road to the shed was installed by P.Z. Electrical and ETSA connected it up.

At the Committee Meeting on the 31st of March 1996 the club decided on their uniform to be grey full peaked caps and grey polo type shirts. At the General Meeting on the 24th of May it was noted that Mayor Jan Centofanti had accepted our invitation to officially open the museum. Three working bees were organised and members constructed the shearing shed, the wash house and the Committee room come theatre on open days.

June the 16th, the official opening day was better than imagined, with over 500 people passing through during the day. The club has continued to grow and now holds successful Open Days on the Saturday of the June and October long weekends, even years and the June long weekend only on the odd year. On the odd years in September the club holds a two day rally at Benson Park.