Hills Walk


We are officially called St Agnes Bushwalking and Natural History Club

Office Bearers

Carol Matoga 0451029450

Cynthia Pyle 8264 5778


Marty Tate 04 08 955 134

Our Objectives

To encourage participation in bushwalking and camping as community health activities for individuals and family groups.

To promote an interest in, and a regard for, natural history.

To promote conservation of the natural environment;

For your own safety, and that of the people walking with your, please make sure you familiarise yourself with our guidelines for walkers.

Our History

During the latter part of 1976, Drs Chapman and Murrell conceived the idea of a Bushwalking Club for the local community, as part of the St Agnes Health Centre’s Preventative Medical Programme, the idea being to promote fitness in body and mind, by which local families could  take part in healthy outdoor activities.

The first programme commenced in August 1977, with weekend walks, as well asmeetings on alternate Friday evenings, when talks were given and slides shown on a variety of natural history subjects.

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