Hills Walk


If you want to enjoy some beautiful countryside
while increasing your fitness, then join the St Agnes
Bushwalkers.  Our different walks cater for varying
fitness levels, while our competent and experienced
leaders will show you parts of the Adelaide hills,
plains and beaches that you never knew existed.
Further afield, you can enjoy our long weekend and
extended camps. We are a helpful and friendly group
who love to chatter as we walk along the trail.

Join us on one of our Sunday afternoon walks,
and experience the joy of being in the open air,
in good company and amongst beautiful surroundings.

Additional Club Activities

Our club is a great place to meet new, friendly, people and have fun.
We enjoy camps, from a long weekend to 7-10 days.
Our camps offer a variety of walks and activities to suit all club members.

The club also conducts social activities such as theatre visits and a Christmas barbecue.
Our theatre visits are usually preceded by convivial pre-theatre dinners at a nearby hotel.


Annual subscription is $25.

Anyone who joins the Club after 1st October of any year remains financial for the whole of the following year.

Casual walkers pay $5 per walk.
The money paid for casual walks is deducted from a
new member’s first subscription.