Welcome to Parndana,
the "Heartland" of
Kangaroo Island

Here in the agricultural heartland of Kangaroo Island you can explore a charming rural settlement created by ex-servicemen seeking a new start after World War II. All main roads lead to Parndana and it is a natural stop for visitors en route to the western end of the Island.  Parndana is Kangaroo Island's most central township, often described as a typical Australian country centre where farmers manage and work the land to make a living for their families, while providing a valuable contribution to the Island's economy. 
Parndana is the service centre for the region and provides an attraction in its own right, with an award-winning wildlife park, an "Urban Forest" surrounding the township. 
A broad selection of accommodation is available, offering a variety of rural retreats, homestead homestays, cabins, hosted & non hosted Bed & Breakfast establishments, plus small caravan park & camping grounds. The unique history of this township can be unravelled as you tour by foot or vehicle.  A strong community spirit can be seen in the towns sporting facilities and clubs.                                        
Parndana hosts the Area School for the district which has developed and manages the first fresh water fish farm on the Island which enhances the curriculum being specialized at the school.
Parndana is an ideal base from which to explore the rest of the island, providing convenient access to both the north and south coasts with many country roads to explore.  The township offers excellent 7 day services, including take away food, fuel and mechanical services, basic food supplies, laundromat, bakery & post office and a well stocked bottle shop featuring local wines.