Related Links

Here are some related links to our park that you might interested in.

Friends of Park Inc

Friends of Parks Inc is the independent state body established to protect and represent the interests of the many individual Friends of Park groups and Affilated groups in South Australia. Para Wirra is one of the member of it.

EFlora SA - Electronic Flora of South Australia

A website that provided a comprehensive web-projected account of the plants of a large part of the Australia continent. It provided fact sheet for flora and also flora identification.

Department of Environment and Heritage

A website that provide information and knowledge about the state's environment, including national parks, marine parks, botanic gardens and the coastline.

A study of the Birds of Sandy Creek Conservation Park and the Old Barossa Gold-fields, by Barry R.Hutchins

A PDF file of the study of birds, done by Barry R.Hutchins. It is a very details study of different species of birds.

Flora for Fauna, Bring your Garden Alive

A website that allow the users to create a virtual garden, by selecting your state, growing zone, garden type, plants, animals and others.

National Parks South Austraa-Para Wirrali

The Link to the National Parks South Australia Web Site - Para Wirra

The Barossa Goldfields Historical Society (NEW)

The Barossa Goldfields Historical Society is a group of volunteers working to preserve the history of the Barossa Goldfields and the surrounding area.