Flora in Para Wirra

Isopogon Ceratophyllus

Para Wirra Recreation Park has a wide range of flora, as describe by Chricton, Harvey and Hills(1978). There are also a high number of pest plants found in the park.
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Fauna in Para Wirra

Wanderers Mating

Para Wirra Recreation Park has an extensive numbers of fauna - birds, small mammals,reptiles, amphibians,and others animals.The various vegetation associations and landforms in the park has provided a wide range of habitats and niches for all these fauna.
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In the Park

Para Wirra Scene

Scene in Para Wirra

Para Wirra Recreation Park is a beautiful bushland reserve with many walking trails. The park offers many attractions for a day in the Adelaide Hills.
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Activities in Para Wirra

The Friends AGM, 2010

There are always some events and activities going on in Para Wirra Recreation Park. Most of them are organised by the Friends group, like Christmas Party gathering, and cleaning up the park. Please check out the full schedule of activities and programs in the Programs page.
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