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Vision of FoGI for the Granite Island Nature Park is to restore and enhance its environmental assets, especially the native flora and the habitat it provides for native fauna. The ultimate aim is to enhance the experience of visitors to the island whereby it becomes more enjoyable, rewarding and memorable.


Granite Island Dolphin

The role of FoGI is to work in collaboration with, and under the guidance of, the Adelaide and Mt. Lofty Ranges Natural Resources  (AMLRNR)  to progressively and incrementally revegetate the Granite Island Nature Park. We aim to achieve a number of resource management objectives that include (but are not limited to): conserving native plant species indigenous to the island; controlling the spread of introduced weed species; restoring habitat for native fauna species and reducing risks of soil erosion.




Key activities performed by FoGI members include:

  • Site preparation – remove weeds and debris in preparation for planting of seedlings
  • Seedling plantings – planting seedlings in tubes in accordance with pre-determined landscape designs and installing guards around the seedlings (if required)
  • Monitoring and maintenance of the sites that have been planted out.

Working Bees 

Granite Island View

Working bees are held on the island on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, from 8:00 to 11:00 am.

Participants assemble at the Adelaide and Mt. Lofty Ranges Natural Resources shed on Granite Island.


Contact Details 

For any inquires regarding the FoGI organisation, membership and/or activities, call the AMLRNR office on  8552 3677