Sambot PluvioThis is a long-term ecological monitoring project in the Arcoona Creek catchment area of the Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park. Begun in 1988 with the installation of a rain gauge on the Gammon Plateau, the program has expanded to include:

At times it has also served as a backbone for other projects, including Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby monitoring, fox baiting, short term but more intensive animal and plant surveys, minor palaeontological work, observations of a lizard reputed to be locally extinct, and introduction of students to remote area field-work.

For more general details and the background of this project, click here.

Hydrological Data - Current and Historical

For rainfall and streamflow data from 1988 till yesterday, click here.

Papers, Presentations and Findings in relation to the VGRaSP Project
  •  Kemp, DJ, Wright, CJ, Jewell, SA  2008 'The Gammon Ranges Project - Monitoring Rainfall in a Remote Area'  Download here (337Kb pdf)
  • (author unknown) circa 2004 ‘Gammon Ranges Scientific Project: a general description’ A historical document. Download here(130KB pdf)

  • Jewell, SA, Wright, CJ, Mauier, HR  2003 'Analysis of Rainfall in the Gammon Ranges of South Australia 1992 - 2002'  Download here (1.75MB pdf)


Each year we do two main trips.

One in Autumn and one in Spring.

The trips include a  routine check of data loggers, batteries, pluviometers and taking  vegetation photos at regular photo points.

Trips may also involve maintenance, upgrade or installation work at various sites.

Autumn Trip (April)

Usually coincides with the ANZAC Long Weekend in April (and / or Easter if they are close together)
Spring Trip (October)

Usually coincides with the Labour Day Long Weekend in October.

If you would like to join one of these trips, please contact SEG to discuss.

Contact: Garry Trethewey (mob) 0403 929550  Email:
Contact: Graham Blair (mob) 0429 806159  Email:
Contact: Michelle Trethewey (mob) 0403 929551 Email:
Usually there is a group get-together (6 to 12 people) about 3 weeks before the start of the trip. As you might imagine, with several groups of people doing various jobs in different places, logistics needs a bit of care. Transport, timetabling, sharing tools and equipment, meeting places and times, all need to be planned.

Expeditioners need to be able to carry a pack with some equipment, plus tent, sleeping bag, stove, food, etc 8 kilometres along a creek to our camp. We stay there for two nights, doing jobs near camp, on our way to and on ‘The Plateau’.

Leaders Forms
VGRaSP Leaders Forms (pdf format)(364Kb)
VGRaSP Leaders Forms (doc)(315Kb)
VGRaSP Notes for Expeditioners (pdf format)(182KB)