Expeditions are usually a fortnight in duration. They address a need for the accumulation of useful scientific and cultural data in cooperation with the appropriate institutions.

Leadership is by a EXHAUSTED WALKERS AFTER THE MOUNT BROWN RE-ENACTMENTvolunteer team of chief leader and five or six leaders, as well as visiting experts. Leaders are chosen to have good scientific backgrounds and extensive outdoor experience. There are usually about 25 expeditioners, preferably with experience in camping.

The expedition fee covers food and transport from Adelaide. Although aimed at the 16-25 year age group, successful expeditions have been conducted for both mature and mixed age groups.

Expeditioners learn new skills by cooperating to achieve the scientific and cultural aims of the expedition, sometimes under trying conditions. Some expeditioners have returned to become leaders of later expeditions. SEG practices minimum impact camping. Minimum Impact Guidelines (.pdf - 36KB)

Scientific Investigations may include:

Cultural Projects may include: