We Acknowledge the Kaurna People

Kaurna meyunna, Kaurna yerta, ngadlu tampendi.
We recognise Kaurna people and their land.

About Linde Community Garden 

and NP&SP Community Gardens Association, Inc.

Although we broke ground for the Linde Community Garden in 2011, The Norwood, Payneham and St. Peters Community Gardens Association, Inc. came into being almost two years earlier. Dedicated charter members of the association worked tirelessly with the NP&SP Council to iron out all the details and particulars. The result: a marvelous site with good funding to get us started.

The Linde Community Garden in the newly refurbished Dunstone Grove is the first of what we hope will be several community gardens in the NP&SP Council area.

The garden is managed on an "all-in" basis, rather than being divided into individual plots. This means members have access to the whole site, including all the work...and all the harvest!