Welcome to the SAZA Website.

SAZA is all about sharing the spirit of friendship; it is a platform for meeting fellow Zimbabweans and friends in South Australia and providing a support network for young and old. Our purpose and vision is to develop enduring friendships, provide a respite from the pressures of daily life and embark upon new and exciting things.We're a unique blend of individuals who come from all walks of life; this is one of the most exciting aspects of our group. Our interactions serve more than just a gathering place but provide the opportunity to learn something of value. It is our desire to harness the incredible wealth of knowledge and talent that individuals have by endeavouring to participate in educational and interesting events.We welcome all to our website and if you happen to be anywhere near South Australia you are welcome to any of our events listed in the vents calendar, or just drop us an e-mail at sazimbabwe@yahoo.com.au

Thank you!!