Fort Glanville is available for hire, for special events, weddings, parties and promotions. The Fort features elderly and disabled access, all access toilets, barbeque picnic areas and onsite parking. More info on site features can be found here.

In the past the Fort has played host to Weddings, receptions, birthday party's and small concerts; these events featured stages, tables, chairs, and self supporting marquees. The Fort Glanville Historical Association welcomes any and all events or set ups that will not damage the fabric of the fort.

Full Terms and Conditions of Fort hire are available here.

The full cost of hiring the Fort is as follows;

A Non returnable deposit payable at time of booking $50.00
Major event - over 1.5 hours $350.00
Minor events - 1.5 hours or less $100.00
Refundable surety charge deposit payable at time of booking $100.00


10'' cannon shot $500.00
64pdr cannon shot $75.00
16pdr cannon shot $30.00
2pdr cannon shot $20.00
Martini-Henry carbine firing $5.00 per shot per man

All prices are inclusive of staff; cannon shot's available for any function.