Practical Patient Resources for Managing Fibromyalgia

Patient education and self-management (or informed choice) is one of the four cornerstones of Fibromyalgia care.

Fibromyalgia specific programs provide up-to-date information, life skills and tools to enable you to gain the most out of your treatments and maintain a quality of life.

FMS structured self-management programs are grouped based consistent with the Stanford ‘Living a Healthy Life Program’ for all chronic illnesses. Until these programs are more widely available across Australia, we provide this page of resources that can be accessed from your home computer. We encourage your feedback as to which resources you find to be the most useful: please contact or message us via our Facebook page.

You can access these resources, many of which are in video/audio format, to learn about and gain a better understanding of Fibromyalgia as well as practical skills and tools for managing your condition together with your healthcare team. 

In this way you can work towards an optimal treatment mix and gain the best possible outcomes for your unique circumstances.

Topics include:
  • Understanding your condition (Understanding FMS Patients Page)
  • Moving from acute care to chronic condition management
  • The importance of keeping records and providing feedback
  • Getting started as soon as possible
  • Referrals
  • Management, care Plans and action Plans
  • Education – an ongoing process
  • Life skills
  • Reducing stressors – stabilising your condition

- Stress reduction

- Sleep management

- Pacing

- Limits

- Movement/exercise

  •  Interfering & wind up factors 
- Diet

- Pain

- Fatigue

  • Community Programs
  • Other web-based resources
  • Medication – complementary medicine

The content of this website is currently being reviewed and uploaded as the pages are evaluated.  Please email us at to reach us for information.

Estimates are that as many as 1 million Australians experience this pain disorder.

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