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Friends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park

The Friends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park was formed on 18 June 1997. The group is one of four friends of parks groups on Kangaroo Island being Friends of Dudley Peninsula Parks, Friends of the Glossies and Friends of Western District Parks. Friends of Cape Gantheaume have a focus on the parks within the Cape Gantheaume area however undertake works in many parks located centrally on Kangaroo Island.

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Friends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park is a member of Friends of Parks Incorporated which is an independent, not-for-profit membership based organization aimed at providing voluntary assistance to national parks and cultural heritage in South Australia in liaison with the DEWNR. Friends of Parks Inc, has a mission to engage, represent, promote and develop the Friends of Parks on a state-wide basis.

There are over 120 member groups (consisting of over 6,000 individual members) operating right across the State. Groups are associated with a particular park or reserve or, in some cases, a cultural heritage asset; members carry out a wide range of activities including weed eradication, seedling planting, environmental education and research and general maintenance.

The members of Friends of Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park have a strong philosophy of working in partnership with Natural Resources Kangaroo Island, and other Friends of Parks Groups. This partnership enables the group to undertake activities that are not able to be achieved by the Department and the group maintains an ongoing maintenance commitment to projects once they have been commenced. This partnership and commitment has seen the group work well with the organization to deliver jointly desirable outcomes.

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