Landholders working on Rehabilitation of Wether Station Creek



Some of the action at the Wether Station Creek involving landholders and contractors.

Planting at the Wether Station property of Keryl and Jose Paim Bruges

The Balhannah Scouts in action again in 2009.

Burning off hundreds of suckering poplars removed in 2008 at Apponyi's.  Holding area for plants ready for planting

Regular volunteers Bob Mc Donald and Roxy enjoying a break from planting on Tori Park

A visit from members of the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board Central NRM Group as appreciated by landholders.

The Chair and Secretary at work!

Billy tea for the 2009 planting team at Apponyi's.  Left to right are Alistair McFarlane, Penny Mumford, Silvio Apponyi, Peter Mumford, Barry Costar, Bob McDonald (photo by Natalija Apponyi).


Taking a tea break at Tori Park. Left to Right are Catherine van Pelt, Natalija Apponyi, Allana van Pelt, Jose Paim Bruges, Bob McDonald, Peter Mumford, Silvio Apponyi, Penny Mumford, Rhonda Windle, Karina van Pelt (photo by Barry Windle).

Contractor slasher at work on Gorse at Tori Park.

Excavator removing trees at Blowes/Costar on the corner of Wicks and Grasby Roads.

What's it all about?  Dramatic change 5 years from removing willows, fencing and revegetating.  Same location looking East down Wether Station Creek on Glengyle. Note E. dalrympleana (candlebark gum) and L. lanigerum (woolly tea tree) now well established.

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Last modified: November 22, 2009