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Web Site Assistance

The U3AYP Web site is laid out into five distinct areas:

  • Main Page: the initial page displayed upon visiting the Web site. It provides some background information on the University of the Third Age. The Main Page also provides important Notices regarding special Events or Newsworthy Items.
  • Courses: displays the courses on offer at the U3AYP. It also lists possible future courses which may become available at a later stage.
  • Venues: shows the various locations which courses are available. This page also features an interactive map which allows a user to easily find the different venues.
  • Contact Us: this page allows a user to contact the U3AYP directly via post, or the individual staff members by email.
  • Help: the current page which describes the other areas of the Web site.

If you require additional help, please contact the Web Page Administrators.

Course Assistance

For help with specific courses including general information, dates and times please contact the Programme Director.

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