Friends of Cobbler Creek Recreation Park is a community based group of volunteers dedicated to helping DENR to protect the natural features and habitat of the Park. They aim to educate the community about the native habitat and fauna and the Park's recreational value. Services include: •Seedling planting •Seed collection •Rubbish removal •Weed and vermin control •Trail construction •Heritage Restoration •General maintenance activities

Amendments to the Natonal Parks and Wildlife Act 1972

Consultation Draft

The draft Amendment Bil proposes a new category system, clarification of co-management arrangements and other minor amendments

The Walk in the Park

Next Walk will be held on Sunday 6th October 2013

Last Year's Walk in the Park_21 October 2012Last year's Walk in the Park as a Word .doc file

2011 Walk in the Park_1 May 20112011 Walk in the Park

Walking in the Park

Points of Interest

QR codes are being placed at points of interest along trails, starting at the Teakle ruins. When scanned with a web- enabled mobile phone, iPhone or iPad, a link to appropriate MP3 or text files will offer relevant information from this web site. These files may not necessarily be accessible directly in the web-site itself.

Information will be added progressively. Please email any comments or suggestions to R.V.Taylor

Minutes of last year's AGM

Presented as a Word file.

Minutes of last year's AGM

The President's Annual Report,2010/ 2011

Presented as a Word file.

The President's Annual Report 2012

People and Parks

A Draft Visitor Strategy for South Australia's National Parks and Reserves.

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Friends of Parks Induction Booklet

Friends of Parks Induction Booklet

Video - About the Park

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More About the Park

Copyright 2011 Friends of Cobbler Creek Inc.

Some facts about the parkdownload or play

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The weather in the Park

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DENR Fire Management

Click below for the DENR Fire Management Maps


The Bridges and Furniture in the Park

BridgesCCRP Bridges and Furniture

Mount Lofty Ranges Grass Tree

Mount Lofty Ranges Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata) amongst native vegetation grown from direct seeding in 1998 by Greening Australia/Friends of Cobbler Creek/DENR between Teakle Ruin and the Grove Way. They take 11 years to mature and flower. Control of Coolatai grass by the Friends of Cobbler Creek has given this plant some space to continue growing well. The nearest surviving remnant population is on the cliffs of the Little Para Valley; locals say it used to grow naturally in Cobbler Creek.


President's newsletter The President's current Newsletter

Download or read this word document.

Hazard Identification for Volunteer Work

Download or read the Hazard Identification Plan before working in the park; if printing the document it is a 4 page file

Working Bees

9.00am on the first Saturday of each month

The pink form for Volunteer Work

Download the pinkform before working in the park;

Who cares about the Future of Earth and the Park

Sign up and actNew Australian Conservation Foundation Site


The Park and Immediate Environs

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Download a large-scale map with grid to allow accurate reporting of activities

Bigmap - not yet available

As it was before the park was establishedOld map

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Remedial action undertaken by the mining companies to prevent silt run-off

Action?Compare Slate and Cobbler Creeks

Teakle Ruins

The working Party

Click here for the story and more pictures

The Teakle Ruins after a lot of effort

Offset Your Emissions

Check out the following website to see how you and your family can offset your emissions. Trees For Life in partnership with Men of the Trees (WA) is fulfilling all offset orders received from SA clients:-

treesforlife Trees for Life carbon program

Flora and Fauna Lists

Flora f Flora by Classification

Flora a Alien Flora

Flora i Indigenous Flora (Revised Feb. 2001)

Fauna Fauna Lists, available shortly

Birds Birds Lists, download this Excel spreadsheet

Butterflies Butterflies of SA

Butterfly Conservation Butterfly Conservation SA


DENR The Department for Environment and Natural Resources

DENR volunteers newsletter The Department for Environment and Natural Resources volunteer news

Parks PublicationsGeneral Publications General Publications Page

Friends of Parks About Friends of Parks, and links to other parks groups

Friends of Parks Inc Friends of Parks Incorporated

Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board for environmental community groups


Tea Tree Gully and District Historical Society Inc Tea Tree Gully and District Historical Society Inc

The Adelaide Parklands Preservation Association The Adelaide Parklands Preservation Association Inc.

South Australia About South Australia

Birds Useful site for Ornithologists

birds for biodiversity New web site

Treadlightly Australia There are no 4WD tracks in this park, but...

A Discussion Paper

Presented as a Text file.

The President's Discussion Paper


Archives Started in February 2007

Our Meeting Place

Salisbury East Neighbourhood House, 28 Smith Road, Salisbury East, Tel: 8285 2055, email:

Membership Application Form

Complete the downloaded form and send it to the Treasurer: Keith Goulsbra, 41 Thornton Drive, Greenwith, 5125.

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print this flier page to distribute to would-be members

FlierFlier page

Visitors from Bahrain

New Furniture

The Jennifer Rankine Seat

showing the excellent dry stone facia and access trail constructed by Senior Ranger Steve with non-technical support from FOCC members.

Smith road picnic table

- the picnic setting at the Smith Road Car Park.

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