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We are proud to display the ACNC 'tick' as a Registered Charity in Australia. Our listing can be viewed here.

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Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources


The Friends of Belair National Park Inc.

Volunteers working together for conservation.
We are a volunteer group (of about 140) which works in close cooperation with the Park staff for the benefit of the Park and the people of South Australia.

Scenery, Activities, Flora and Fauna at Belair National Park

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Weeding Group
Weekly Weeding Group - October 2016
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Karka Pavillion
Karka Pavillion
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Wildflower walk
Wildflower Walk
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Kangaroo crossing the Adelaide - Melbourne Line
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Kookaburra arriving at the nest with food
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Upper Waterfall
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Eastern Rosella
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Commissioner's Hut
The Commissioner's Hut
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Tree Planting
School tree planting activity
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Thelymitra x brevifolia.ixiodes
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Jumping Ants
Myrmecia pilosula (Hopper/Jack jumper ant)
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Belair Track in the morning mist
Belair Track in the morning mist

The Friends of Belair National Park Inc are part of a SA wide 'Friends' network that ranges from the Simpson Desert in the far north to Dingly Dell at the bottom tip of the state.The group seeks to further the basic philosophy of the Park - that it should be regarded primarily as a place preserving the natural environment in which users can see and experience that environment.

The objectives of the The Friends of Belair National Park as stated in our Rules are:
  1. to provide voluntary assistance in the conservation and management of the Park in close co-operation and liaison with the staff of DEWNR and/or its successors;
  2. to provide cultural and social activities for the enjoyment of Members and the public;
  3. to raise funds for special projects to benefit The Park and for administration and social activities of the Association;
  4. to provide support for the protection and preservation of the natural and historic values of the Park.

A copy of the Rules of Incororation can be downloaded from here.

South Australia leads the nation with its Friends of Parks network. At the instigation of the State Government and the Nature Conservation Society, volunteer Friends groups were encouraged from the early 1980s to allow community members to assist in the management of the State's parks and reserves, and to encourage enjoyment of the State's natural and cultural heritage.When an average hourly rate of pay is placed on the work that the Friends carry out each year, an estimated $5-6 million worth of work is performed on behalf of the Parks system each year. This includes all hands on work in the field and anything that is carried out in support of this activity.



If there is an Extreme or Catastrophic level Total Fire Ban in the Mt Lofty Ranges announced after 4-30pm on the previous day, all events scheduled by the Friends in Belair National Park will be cancelled, except for the AGM, which would be rescheduled for the following month..

If there is a Severe level fire ban, meetings will go ahead but it will be your personal responsibility to ensure that you have a communication plan in place.

There will no working bees if the forecast temperature is 35 degrees or over.


There have been several instances of Ross River Virus reported in the Mt. Lofty Ranges over the past few weeks. PLEASE remember to use a mosquito repellent when working or walking in the bush - regardless of the season.

For all official functions planned by The Friends of BNP ask at the Ticket Office, Belair National Park for free vehicle entry.

Public Welcome
Monthly Meeting (Volunteer Centre) at 1pm

December 2nd - Peter Canty - Manager State Herbarium. - Topic: All about the State Herbarium and why it is so important. . ... After a short break following the talk, a monthly General Meeting will be held.

Public Welcome
Tuesday 28th November & repeated on Sunday December 3rd - Monthly Guided Walk -

Meet at GUMS OVAL CARPARK at 1.45pm for 2pm start with Bevin Scholz on Tuesdays and Hayley Prentice on Sundays.
(The Gums Oval carpark is the first carpark on your left after you pass through the entry office carpark and turn left on to the main road into the park.)
(Ask at the Ticket Office, Belair National Park for free vehicle entry)

Note: If there is heavy rain or strong winds or severe weather forecast ... The walk will be cancelled.

Subscription Notice

Annual Subscriptions for 2018 are due from 1st January 2018. (refer Membership Page for details)

September 2017 Newsletter available through Publications Page
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